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moll children swivel chairs

Children swivel chairs by model

The time of learning begins for children when they start school. Children become teenagers and the time spent at the desk increases every year. A back-friendly youth swivel chair or children’s swivel chair is therefore of elementary importance. If children sit ergonomically from an early age, they can prevent back pain in adulthood. It is therefore of great importance to ensure that an ergonomic office chair adapts individually to the user. Only if the children’s desk chair can be individually adjusted and the chair grows with the child can posture problems be avoided. The swivel chair from moll has won several awards and fulfills all the characteristics of a back-healthy and ergonomic youth chair. This is because both the backrest and the seat of the Maximo or Scooter children’s swivel chair are individually height-adjustable, ensuring an ergonomically correct sitting posture and an individual seat height.  Thus, the height of the youth chair can always be adjusted to the desk, because children grow up to 12 cm a year, depending on their age. Thus, the children’s swivel chair moll Maximo and Scooter can be used for children from 120 cm. In order to promote dynamic and natural sitting, moll deliberately does without armrests and thus promotes movement from a child’s age. Features that make the children’s swivel chairs Topstar? For the youth chairs moll Maximo and moll Scooter, various fabric options are available for the children. Whether black, blue, pink or green. The children’s swivel chair from moll adapts to every new taste. So everyone – whether child, teenager or adult – will find the best fabric for their desk chair. The Maximo children’s swivel chair has foam padding. The youth swivel chair Scooter has a mesh upholstery. The shipping of the children’s swivel chair is free from 75€. Below that the shipping costs 4,90€. The seat of the Lucky is infinitely adjustable. Thereby, the backrest and the seat surface are combined in one seat shell and thus ensure a comfortable and back-friendly sitting posture.

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